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CUREE is an internationally acknowledged centre of expertise in school and college improvement and evidence-informed leadership and practice in education. Led by our Chief Executive, Philippa Cordingley our staff use their knowledge and skills in teaching, research, communications and knowledge management to produce high quality research, CPD and tools and resources.

We work with and for schools and colleges, academy chains, teaching schools and other clusters and alliances, with professional associations, universities, and government departments and agencies in the UK and worldwide. All our work is underpinned by our values of honesty of communication, fidelity to the evidence, excellence in performance and value for money.

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Philippa Cordingley at the SSAT Teaching Schools Conference

My session at the forthcoming SSAT conference aims to help school leaders, teachers and CPD facilitators use the new Standard for CPD to create a dynamic and coherent environment for continuing professional development and learning. We will be concentrating on Ofsted’s frequently repeated challenge to schools to evaluate the impact of CPD more effectively; and looking at ways of doing this that also enhance the quality of the process for teachers and for their pupils.

Here’s a mini blog that I hope will tempt you to join us!

Beyond Data: Gaining and Sustaining Momentum for School Improvement

Leaders need a holistic view of their school if they are to set priorities that will truly accelerate learning for all of their pupils and especially for the most vulnerable, says Philippa Cordingley

Beyond Data

As a school leader you have lots of data and information at your disposal. But new research exploring what helps schools to build momentum and become exceptional suggests that leaders who want to accelerate progress need more than data: they need a holistic, evidence-based, bird’s-eye view of their school, organised around questions capable of firing everyone’s commitment and imagination.

Featured Resource

Lincolnshire Schools Heads' Peer Review, Final Report

CUREE has been delighted to be involved in this Peer Review programme with Lincolnshire Schools and this final report presents the very interesting patterns which have emerged from the Peer Review process, our findings and recommendations. 

The training for 46 Heads from across Lincolnshire, which began in September 2015, was facilitated by an experienced team throughout and included a series of workshops for the Heads who were arranged into three cohorts, firstly to ensure a high level of engagement with facilitators and secondly to ensure that the workshops were geographically accessible to all.